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Crazy Cod Camp

The Camp is located in North-Troms, Arnoy island, Lauksletta village. Camp can be accessed by car & ferry, or with speed ferry from Tromso. Tromso is the closest city and airport. Nearby airports are Alta and Sorkjosen.

-Check-in time is 14:30 and check-out time at 9:30 latest. Check-out of the boats is Friday 20:00.

-When arriving to the camp, please send SMS to +4795479578 telling which ferry you arrive on. Our staff will wait for you at Camp1 to check you in, take care of paper work and remaining payments.

-The staff serves you 24/7 on a telephone if not around. We will inform you the times when we are personally available at the camp.

-Ferry timetables can be found at . The ferry number is 195, from Storstein to Lauksundskaret.

Boat & fuel

-When arriving, the tank / tanks of the boat are full. More fuel can be bought from the gas station 2 kilometers south from camp. Foreign credit cards are accepted there.

-Petrol that is used in the boat has to be bought from local petrol station to avoid engine breakdowns! Foreign fuel can cause severe damage to the engine.

Gutting and cleaning of the fish

There is a gutting & filleting station in the harbour close to the boat. The cleaned / filleted fish can be pushed to the camp with a wheel cart. After gutting the fish, please take the remains of the fish out from the harbour with the boat and dump them into the fjord, not to the beach or harbour.

-There is a large freezer in the camp if needed. Please remember that the quota is 15 kilo per person / single catch with no weight limit if you wish to take your catch home.


-There is a small shop in Arnöyhamn village, 15 kilometer south from the camp. For proper grocery shopping we recommend a ferry trip and visit in Skjervöy, which is a small city 10 minutes away from ferry harbour. Skjervöy offers a good variety of grocery shops, of which i recommend XTRA in the center of the village. XTRA accepts all foreign credit cards. From Skjervöy you will also find a ATM, and a Vinmonopolet, if you wish to buy alcohol. Grocery shops sell beer 4,5 – 4,7% alcohol.